Buying Television Ads

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A television Ads or TV advert is a short TV programmed message made and paid for by a Ads must also be produced expertly, and it is for this reason that it is often best to hire the services of an…

Create Advertising Agency Create Health is a specialist healthcare marketing agency. We work with medical tech companies, pharmaceutical companies, device manufacturers, NHS and charities across B2B and B2C..

"The ad-buying in television has largely been unchanged for the last seven decades," says Brett Wilson, CEO of TubeMogul. "It's this massive industry that is untouched by technology."

Mix your ad lengths: One way of making your TV ad dollars go farther is to use a mix of 15-second commercials and 30-second commercials. While these ads allow you to differ the ad content, your branding and messaging will be repeated for the viewership, increasing the likelihood that they will make a purchase or, at the very least, recognize your brand in the future.

Student Doctor Network Dermatology “The impetus was to allow each other to network and create a sense of community among black physicians here in Rochester,” said Duffy, who is
Nordstrom Employee Satisfaction Ted DiNunzio has been working as a Nordstrom greeter for 13 years … One day, the store manager asked him to coffee and offered him

The future of TV advertising | Marketing Media MoneyWhile tv-video media-buying executives expect to see an increase in advanced advertising TV budgets in the coming months, …

OpenAP, an advertising group owned by Fox, NBCUniversal and Viacom, is officially launching a marketplace letting advertisers

Ted Cruz is scheduled to become the first 2016 presidential candidate on the airwaves. The Texas senator is purchasing a small amount of airtime on…

The year of programmatic TV advertising is something like the year of mobile: predicted for every year for a decade. For all …

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